Environmental aspect

- Assess the environmental impacts
- Develop reforestation plans
- Apply sustainable management programmes
- Restore bioversity and protect the ecosystem

Social aspect

- Former et promouvoir l'éducation: employabilité
- Créer des emplois: réduire la pauvreté
- Développer la culture vivrière: sécurité alimentaire
- Favoriser l'accès aux soins médicaux et hospitaliers

Economic aspect

- Implement long term and rational work conditions
- Support the creation of micro-enterprises
- Structure and organise forest exploitation
- Guarantee the fair trading of farm and forest products

Latest news

December 2014
December 2014

Madagascar… The farm superviser shows EcoFormation methods for reforestation to the President of the Republic of Madagascar and the guests. Every year, at the World Afforestation Day, the government officials select a representative

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November 2014
November 2014

Madagascar : 2 big trailers from Swiss brand Marolf  and one Land Rover Jeep were offered to the Foundation to facilitate the transportation of small plants and seedlings from the nurseries of

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Figures 2013-2014

EcoFormation’s different projects have achieved the following:

  • Young plants produced: 1'300'000
  • Hectares planted: 740
  • Trained people: 37
  • Employed people: 182

Goals 2014-2015

  • Young plants to produce: 1,300,000
  • Hectares to plant: 740
  • People to train: 35

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